Maureen Visscher

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MA International Relations | Owner MoveCreative | Patient Advocate

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Creative, passionate, enthusiastic

Maureen Visscher

University student and entrepreneur who is hardworking, eager to learn and solution-oriented. Gets exited about new challenges, new opportunities and people with the same passion and drive.

Very communicative, social and enthusiastic. My main interest lies in the field of conflict studies, human rights, anthropology and marketing & (web)design.

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Work Experience

Founder at MoveCreative

2019 – present

MoveCreative is a digital marketing agency focussed on small and medium-sized enterprises, specialising in designing and building websites and creating corporate identities.

Online marketing specialist

2019 – present

Communigators is a professional marketing and communication agency specialised in communicational advice, brand activation (FMCG), online communication, graphic design, web design, SEO and corporate identity. We work for small and medium-sized enterprises and corporates in B2B and B2C in various branches.

Web design specialist and online (blog) writer


This small-sized enterprise organises children’s disco’s throughout the Netherlands. As the marketing specialist, I am responsible for writing blogs, keeping the content up-to-date, maintenance of the website, UX/UI design, and supporting the social media marketing and other activities regarding (online) marketing.

UX/UI marketing specialist

2018 – 2019

Do you have an event, marketing campaign or a promotion? And you would like to get extra attention for this? WorkFanatics provides social, web and ads content within 24 hours for your enterprise. We also support long lasting projects such as web design and other marketing projects, which were my main priority as a UX/UI marketing specialist.

Congess assistent

2018 – 2019

At the Leids Congres Bureau I supported the congress managers with the logistical organization and other executive activities of several scientific congresses. My priority laid in developing and maintaining the congress websites. Furthermore, I was present as a hostess at the congresses.

Interviewer face-to-face Schiphol Airrport

2017 – 2018

Mobiel Centre Marktonderzoek is specialized in the gathering and processing of data. As interviewer face-to-face I conducted multiple interviews in both English and Dutch. These interviews took place at diverse locations such as leaving and arriving passengers and visitors of Schiphol Plaza. Besides I conducted (waiting time) measurements at check-in counters and at the passport checks.

Trainer NJR (National Youth Council)

2015 – 2017

Together with other trainers from the NJR I teached/trained youngsters, adolescents and adults about a wide range of subjects like empowerment, leadership, project and communication-skills. Together with other trainers who have a passion of working with youth from every layer of the society, my mission and passion is to help young people to become a rolemodel for peers in their direct environment and in the society as a whole.

Administrative assistant at Gerrits & Ebbers Administrations

2012 – 2015

Gerrit & Ebbers is specialized in administration for small and medium-sized enterprises and income tax for private individuals. Furthermore, they have multiple contacts with other specialists in the field of mortgages, pensions and insurances. My role was to support the work of Gerrit & Ebbers by for instance entering tax returns and the providing of practical understanding through picking up the phone, organizing of the administration and the scanning of papers.


Patient advocate

2019 – present

Connecting patients, researchers and clinicians in the fight against cancer. Our goal is getting cancer under control and inspire people to lead a happy and healthy life in harmony with cancer.

Board Member and case manager (Surgery Without Incision)

2018 – present

Surgery withouth Incision is a network of patients, doctors and scientists which tries to offer the best possible treatments of cancer. A treatment that increases the changes of survival and above all enhances the quality of live. We have experiened that “surgery without incision” is an outstanding effective treatment of cancer, which extent live or in specific cases even gives complete healing with maintainance of quality of live.

This is why want to offer patients the first choice regarding these treatments. By bringing in contact the patients with a team of doctors from university hospitals directly through our website and several specialised general centers which have the knowlegde and expierence with these innovative methods. Through this we. create a unique place for patients searching for a reliable treatment of cance prioritizing quality of life.

President & founder – Foundation JohnStrijd

2018 – present

Foundation JohnStrijd gives and takes care for families who are dealing with cancer and face extra costs as a consequence of treatments and medicines. JohnStrijd goes for the quality of life. in every way possible. Beside all worries, fears, and sadness these families have, they often also have to deal with rising costs and reduced income. Quitting is not an option, despite the fact that health insurers frequently won’t cooperate. There are treatments possible to extend the lives of cancer patiënts hence there are too many health protocols and conflicting interests in the Netherlands. This is where JohnStrijd stands for and fights for.

Volunteer Relationship Manager

2014 – present

Supporting the Going Global program in which secondary school students and teachers participate in a knowlegdesharing program seeking to support the development of education in partner countries. My responsibilities lay in maintaining contact with middle schools, acquisition of new schools, having job interviews and select new participants. Additionally, I give workshops about the work of Edukans in African countries and create new workshops and teaching materials. Overall, I help creating and raising awareness at secondary schools and help students and teachers raising money for Edukans.

Supervisor Going Global Malawi (Lilongwe Rural East)

2017 – 2018

One of the 4 supervisors of the Going Global group (32 participants, 11 days) who visited Malawi. In cooperation with the Education Expertise Development Foundation (EEDF) and the Girls Empowerment Network (GENET) we worked to improve education in the surrounding area of Lilongwe. The students program focussed on “Life Skills” and the rights of vulnerable and marginalized women in particular.

United Nations Youth Council

2015 – 2017

Part of the UN Youth of the Dutch Youth Council (NJR) which aims to create awareness among youth of international politics and UN-related topics and to represent the Dutch youth on an international level. We give guest lectures and set up projects and events about UN-related topics such as the Sustainable Development Goals, children’s rights, gender equality, refugees and more.

Volunteer Ilula Orphan Program

2013 – 2014

Working as a volunteer at the centre of Ilula Orphan Program (IOP). IOP is a Christian outreach non government organization, working to support the most vulnerable children in Tanzania. It is a community-based service organization that is changing the lives of the children and their families in rural Tanzania. The Ilula area faces a daunting triple threat of poverty, HIV/AIDS and water scarcity; IOP uses education and empowerment as the central tools to confront these challenges. The focus of my time was bringing together the financial support of international sponsors and donors with the local expertise of the many committed Tanzanian staff and volunteers. Furthermore, during my time I helped creating workshops, building the library and also helping with the daily routine.

International Volunteer at Khaya projects

2012 – 2013

Khaya is a South African based organization and works together with (among others) Izizwe Projects. Izizwe Projects is a non-profit organization which aims to uplift the community of the Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth, by establishing partnerships with community groups. The mission is to revitalize community-centered organization in the township and by coordinating holiday programs and after-school activities.

Participant Going Global Uganda (Lira Region)

2011 – 2012

Visited different primary schools in the region and worked towards improvement of education through sports. Main topics were woman empowerment, HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, early dropouts and the involvement of parents.


2017-2019 Leiden University, Leiden

Master International Relations

  • Global Conflict in the Modern Era
  • A history of the United Nations
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Public Sphere

2017-2018 Utrecht University, Utrecht

Minor Conflict studies / minor Cultural Diversity

  • Conflict Analysis
  • Identity, Boundaries and Violence
  • Culture, Violence, Trauma and Death
  • Religion, Media and Popular Culture

2014-2017 Wageningen Univesity and Research Centre

Bachelor International Development Studies

  • Law, Governance and Policy

  • International Policies and Institutions

  • Globalization in a historical perspective

  • Sociology, anthropology and developmental economics

  • Major: (strategical) communication, technology and policy

  • Field practical research in rural Ireland

2013-2014 Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle

Propedeuse International Business & Languages

  • International Business and Languages is a full-time program with both business courses and language courses. The languages are business Spanish, English and French and other course in management, law, finance, marketing, distribution and export.

2008-2013 Thorbecke Scholengemeenschap, Zwolle

Seconday school

  • Economics & society

Skills & certificates


  • Dutch
  • English


  • Ambitious

  • Enthusiastic

  • Professionalism
  • Positive attitude

  • Public speaking

Certificates obtained

  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google certificate

  • Mathematics VWO certificate

Research Skills

  • Data analytics (SPSS, Quantitative research, Qualitative research)

  • Writing (Research Articles, Literature Research, Essay Writing)

  • Interviewing (Participative observation etc.)


  • Coding (HMTL, CSS, JQUERY)

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimalization)

  • UX/UI design
  • Web designer

  • Online marketeer

Research Skills

  • Data analytics (SPSS, Quantitative research, Qualtative research)

  • Writing (Research Articles, Literature Research, Essay Writing)

  • Interviewing (Participative observation etc.)


  • Coding (HMTL, CSS, JQUERY)

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimalization)

  • UX/UI design
  • Web designer

  • Online makerteer

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Leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.